ARTFORUM, Summer, 1980 :::

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A Letter to Peder Bonnier from Lucio Pozzi

Reckoning with Notation: The Drawings of Pollock, Newman and Louis by Kenneth Baker

"Some Place Enormously Moveable"–The Collaboration of Arakawa and Madelaine H. Gins by Robert Creeley

Long Walks by Nancy Foote

Malcolm Morley: Talking About Seeing by Klaus Kertess

Suzanne Harris: The Energy of Time by Ted Castle

In the Streets of China by Joel Meyerowitz

Working in the Streets of Shanhai and Guilin by Charls Simonds

The Ten Frustrations, or, Wavering and Smiling Across the Great Cultural Abyss by Lucy R. Lippard

Crowds by Joel Meyerowitz

Souvenir Cards

(untitled) by Jean C. Pigozzi

Disquieting Norms by Max Kozloff