ARTFORUM, October, 1977 :::
ARTFORUM, October, 1977 :::

ARTFORUM, October, 1977 :::

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Johns the Pessimist by Rolf-Dieter Herrmann

Cézanne on Solids and Spaces by Theodore Reff

Back to the Material: Rodchenko's Photographic Ideology by Andrei B. Nakov

Louis Sullivan's Ornament by Michael Mostoller

The 'Terrible' Larry Rivers by John Bernhard Myer

Braque's (Real) Art in the "Still Life with Violin and Pitcher" by Edward Foye

Reaffirming Painting: A Critique of Structuralist Criticism by Geoffrey and David Dorfman

Seeing Ideas: Straub and Huillet's "Moses und Aron" by Carrie Rickey

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